Tour of Our Church

About Our Parish Campus

Founded in August 1946, St. Saviour is located on 11 acres on the corner of Plainfield Road and Myrtle Avenue in Rossmoyne, Ohio.  Our campus includes our church building, large rectory living quarters, parish office, meeting room, school building and athletic field, pole barn used for storage and a parking lot. In addition, the church grounds feature a grotto dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima and the Holy Family Shrine.

About Our Church

Our original church was a two-story barracks building that was dismantled in Lockland, Ohio and moved to Rossmoyne. It was reassembled on-site and the original one inch flooring was repurposed and used in our four classrooms.  The rectory/priest’s living quarters are located at the rear of the main church building and a parking lot extends along the side.

Our present day church was built by Frank Harig. It is constructed of buff brick and concrete and features a large Celtic cross, a stained glass window depicting the Transfiguration of the Lord, seven additional stained glass windows, a modern belfry that houses our electronic bell system, electronic organ and an electronic piano. Our gathering space’s central feature is a large green marble baptismal pool and font, and our reconciliation Chapel is adjacent to our gathering area and features three stained glass windows that were in the original Baptistery.


In 1995, some renovations were made to help improve our interior and exterior and encourage more active participation in our services. They include:

  • New wooden doors at the front entrance to church
  • New awning over the front door
  • Reorientation of the sanctuary and assembly
  • New liturgical furnishings, including new cherry and upholstered chairs for our deacon and presiders
  • Adding cherry and glass details to the altar, ambo, and processional cross
  • New processional crucifix with an interchangeable processional cross
  • Refinishing of the original stations of the cross 
  • Refinishing of the light oak pews from 1962
  • Adding green upholstered chairs in the assembly area for additional seating
  • Commissioning new cherry wood credence and offertory tables
  • A new tabernacle that rests on the marble pedestal which formerly held the baptismal water
  • Enlarging the choir loft to accommodate more seating
  • New vesting room