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Pope says his new ecology document is titled 'Laudate Deum'

Pope Francis said the title of his new letter on the environment will be "Laudate Deum," (Praise God), a frequent refrain in several psalms, including Psalm 148, which tells the heavens and the angels and the sun and moon to praise the Lord.

Florida death-row inmate's lawyers, bishops, advocacy groups urge stay on Oct. 3 execution

At the beginning of the 10th month of 2023, Florida might execute its sixth death-row inmate of the year; a person whose lawyers and death penalty foes say has suffered from intellectual disabilities and carries a deep sense of remorse.

Farm bill key to food security in US and abroad, Catholic activists say

The 2023 Farm Bill should prioritize food security measures both in the United States and abroad, Catholic activists said.

Pope's choices for next World Youth Day celebrations are focused on hope

As Catholic young people around the world prepare for the Holy Year 2025, Pope Francis has asked them to focus on hope.

U.S. Border Patrol records sharp increase in arrests; situation of migrants in Mexico deteriorates

A surge in migration through Mexico during the month of September has provoked a "migratory crisis," according to Catholics who are working with migrants, as shelters strain to handle increasing flows of people heading for the U.S. border -- with even more continuing to pour into the country from points south.

New American Climate Corps aims to boost clean energy, jobs for young people

The Biden administration has made a bid to support both clean energy and jobs for young people with the creation of the American Climate Corps. The announcement was greeted with "excitement and hope" by Kayla Jacobs, program manager of youth mobilization at Catholic Climate Covenant. "Initiatives like this are one of many steps that are needed for a sustainable and just future," she said.

Catholics ask Biden to deliver debt relief to countries most at risk from climate change

As President Biden urged global cooperation at the U.N. to combat climate change, U.S. Catholic groups are calling on his administration to use debt relief to help countries most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

I am a US archbishop attending Pope Francis' synod. Here's how I am preparing.

Seattle Archbishop Paul Etienne will take part in the Oct. 4-29 Synod of Bishops in Rome. "I have spent the past several weeks renewing my prayer life, longing for greater receptivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit," he writes in this essay for NCR.

Francis, the comic strip

Francis, the comic strip: For Francis, the synod is a journey.

Spiritus Christi Church offers all the sacraments to all categories of people

When Catholics from Corpus Christi Parish in Rochester, New York, began Spiritus Christi in the late '90s, Myra Brown was among them. Today, she is the independent eucharistic community's ordained pastor.